Handpicked 500kg by Sue, myself and David Henderson on 23/3/2017. A lovely 15º Be slowly fermented for 7 days then added 42 litres of 6 year old brandy spirit. Followed by 12 months in old French Oak. This wine consists of 70% Shiraz and 30% Durif. Intense complexity. Waves of ripe blackberries and spicy ginger and red peppers flow through to velvet silky walnuts. Finishing with an overwhelming opulent length and entwined sophisticated spirit. Keep this for 20 years if you have the years left in you otherwise drink it now and please brag about it. 17.5% alcohol, 66 dozen produced, 500ml bottle

2017 Small Berry V.P Fortified Vintage


    If ordering more than 3 dozen or shipping outside of Australia, please email sales@ballycroft.com for more information