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Sorry to all the Durif fans but due to the weather we only picked 110kg off 2.5 acres on March 5th. Joys of dry growing.
So we co-fermented this with a bit of Shiraz to make half a tonne all up. 
We tasted this wine at 'Legends Behind the Barrel', a 2021 Vintage Festival Event and it was well received. 
Put into new AP John American Oak resulting in a glass coating deep, dark exuberant red wine. On the nose luscious dark blueberry jam with hints of dark chocolate. The soft integrated oak mellows out the heavy Petite Sirah tannins with a smooth concentrated length. 


Due to small amount produced this wine is limited to 3 bottles. Please be respectful of that.

15.1% Alcohol

Only 33 Dozen produced 

2020 Small Berry Shiraz/Durif Pressings

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